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Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce myself as the current Welfare Officer for Brockworth Swimming Club.

The contact details for the Welfare Officer team can be found below. The deputy welfare officer is currently Kelly Ashenhurst, and both of us are regularly at the pool, with children in Senior and Junior squads. Both of us are more than happy to be approached to answer any queries regarding the welfare of the swimmers in the club.

Post covid, we have noticed a drop in the number of parents collecting their children from inside the sports centre and allowing them instead to leave the centre and find their parents in the car park. From September, we will be enforcing a new policy which states that all parents of primary school aged children must collect their swimmers from inside the centre. To enable us to ensure the safe collection of all swimmers, I intend to implement a rota of responsible adults, namely parents, who are 'on duty' to ensure that ALL swimmers are collected as per the policy at the end of a session and are on site to implement the late collection policy if required (to be provided). For clarity, 'collected' can include having a parent on site waiting for a child post session.

I am happy to use the register of swimmers to produce a parent rota for each session based on which swimmers are attending and would ask that it is adhered to for the safety of all swimmers. If you are unable to attend your allocated session, I would ask that you find alternative arrangements, and swap with another parent. If you are really struggling, please let me know and I will try to assist with cover. However, if a parent would like to be a regular volunteer for a set session each week as you stay at the centre anyway, please drop me an email and I will schedule accordingly.

The Brockworth Swimming Club coaches, alongside the committee, work hard to ensure a safe, fun training environment for your children. I hope that us asking you to volunteer your time on the odd occasion to aid us in delivering this goal is not seen as an imposition, but simply a way to ensure the club is held to the highest standards possible.

I happy to answer any questions regarding the above, or any other welfare queries you may have. I can be contacted on 

Kind Regards

Charlotte Miles

Welfare Officer