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At Brockworth new members are always welcome, whatever your age or ability. The club regularly competes in competitions all over the country, ranging from north to south, including friendly galas and leagues, county competitions, the South-West Regional Championships or even National Competitions.

Up to 5 sessions are available each week depending on the squad you are allocated to. We don't tell you which sessions to attend , but we do have a minimum requirement and recommendation depending on the squad you are in so your swimmer can develop . We will inform you of all this when you join.

The best way to enquire about a new membership is to use our contact form to contact us with any questions you may have.  A water test to assess your ability and suitability for competitive swimming can also be arranged - again just use our contact form to arrange this.

Our Fees

Becoming a member at Brockworth costs just £25 for a whole year or £40 for a joint membership for two. If there are more than two of you, simply add £10 for each additional swimmer onto the price for joint membership e.g. 4 members would be £60.  Membership lasts for an entire swimming season (September to August), and is paid in September for existing members or when you first join the club as a new member.

The amount you pay for your training depends on how many sessions you attend per week, and which squad you are placed in. After your water test session, you will be placed in one of the squads by our coaches, depending on your ability.  You will end up training with other swimmers at the same level as you, so you won't be alone! The 4 squads are named as follows: Pre-Swim, Junior 1, Junior 2 and Senior.

Upon joining your squad in the club you will receive a guide to the squad you have been placed in, which will detail its training times, fees and information on any competitions which may be available.

Training sessions are charged at £6 per session, but to encourage people to swim more often to improve their swimming further, there are generous discounts available.

Training fees can be paid as and when suits you - weekly, fortnightly or monthly - via cash or cheque. Payment is taken by Sharon Tuck - the club's treasurer - and she can be found at most (if not all) evening training sessions at Brockworth.

ASA Fees

Finally, there's ASA fees. The ASA Category 2 membership costs £36 per swimmer currently and lasts for a swimming year (January to December). This is usually arranged towards the beginning of the season, and is administered through the club.

ASA membership is mandatory for insurance purposes and is essential if you wish to compete in the full range of swimming competitions, such as the County Championships, South-West Regional Championships or British National Championships including team competitions. Certain open meets may also need ASA membership.