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Welcome to Brockworth Swimming Club


  • Parents/Guardians to provide a drop off and pick up service.
  • Swimmers to attend session in full KIT - no use of changing facilities permitted.
  • Each swimmer to have a full complement of, and sole use of, swimming aids - fins, kick board and pull buoy.
  • Each swimmer to have sufficient fluids to last the session they are attending.
  • Minimal use of toilet facilities and social distancing to be maintained at all times when used.
  • Continuous swimming to be maintained unless advised by a poolside coach. Where there is a requirement to stop, the swimmer is to vacate the pool and go to a designated safe area until ready to recommence.
  • Social distancing guidelines to be maintained during sessions between swimmers, in and out of the pool and by coaches and swimmers.

Please review the Risk Assessment for more details

Brockworth Swimming Club is a small, friendly competitive swimming club that offers something for all levels of swimmers.

This could mean friendly galas, leagues, county and regional competitions or even the British national championships. Every swimmer is regarded as important and is included in our fixtures.

The club itself was established back in 1976, and has been based at Brockworth Sports Centre from the beginning.